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Richland Bombers of the future
Carmichael Junior High School

May 10, 1948 ~ Construction began on a new junior high school on the corner of Thayer and Lee Boulevard to be named Robert Gray Junior High.
It is said that The Carmichael family owned the land and cherry orchard where Carmichael was being built. Near completion of the building, Mrs. Carmichael was in the hospital on her death bed and felt it most appropriate for the school to be named for her family.

Carmichael Jr. High School -- almost

Carmichael Jr. High School 1948 arial

February 28, 1949 ~ Carmichael opened with 550 students.
Principal was C.I. Anderson.
The school was named for S.P. Carmichael, superintendent of Richland Schools, 1923-1938

Carmichael Jr. High School - 1950s

Cougar Pennant 52-53

Carmichael Jr. High School -- 1996 arial

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Carmichael Cool Guys
1953-54 ~ Future class of '57
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Future Classes of '61 and '62 ~ 1956-57 Carmichael JV Football Team
Future Classes of '61 and '62 ~ 1957-58 Carmichael Football Team

Carmichael 7th Grade 1964-1965
Carmichael 8th Grade 1965-1966
Carmichael 9th Grade 1966-1967

Hey, Warriors! Where's YOUR pin?? Hey, Warriors! Where's YOUR ASB card??

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Taken by Suzanne Lindberg (class of '71). March, 2000
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