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       From: Carol Black Foster (
       Date: Sat Sep 8 12:35:56 2001

       1948 Grad

       Hi Bombers: Just wanted to add another '40's name to
       your guestbook. 

       Go Bombers!!!

From: Neal E. Niesen ( Date: Mon Aug 27 11:41:48 2001 Year book Gary you sent me a mesage about the Tower year books from of Amherst Central. Please send me a little more information including price. I am interested because in 1959, because of family illness, the price was to steap. Nice to have a second chance even though it is 42 years later. Where did the time go. My brother also graduated three years after me, so send me information on the year books you have. Thankyou Neal
From: Kristi Wedberg ( Date: Thu Aug 23 13:23:26 2001 Class of 94 Hey all you Bomber Grads!! What a great site!! How exciting to see what your fellow classmates are doing. I have kept in contact with my close friends from school however there are many of you out there I would love to hear from. I graduated from WSU in 98 with a degree in Criminal Justice. I worked for Benton County Sherrifs Office for 2yrs and just recently moved to Goldendale, Wa, where I am a Juvenile Probation Counselor. I finally moved out of my mom and dads!!! Actually it has been a struggle as most of you might know how close I am with my parents (Bill and Barb Wedberg Class of 70'). I would love to hear from anybody who remembers me from school. Can't wait for the reunion to see you all. Go BOMBERS!!!!
From: delores large' ( Date: Thu Aug 16 05:02:54 2001 Looking for friends Hi! Im looking for those who graduated from RHS in 1955-1956. Would love to hear from you. Delores Large'
From: Lelah Walley Martin ( Date: Wed Aug 15 14:03:08 2001 reunion pictures or memories Hi to all you '81 Alumni. I couldn't make it to the 20 year parties. I am very disappointed. I would like to get any info. on what happened or if possible, any reunion memory photos or classmates info. Would appreciate some feedback! Thanks Lelah
From: Kelly Johnson ( Date: Sat Aug 11 22:36:55 2001 Class of 2001 Hi, even though I just graduated, I feel like it was forever ago that I was in high school. I'm even starting to forget people already. Anyway, did you all know that we now have JV and Varsity ice hockey at RHS? My senior year was the inaugural season and it's only a club sport, but with enough support it may very well become school sponsored. I was the only girl that played! It was quite an honor! Maybe I'll see you all at an all-class reunion sometime.
From: Lisa (Lysher) Fuller ( Date: Sat Aug 11 19:14:32 2001 Class of 79 Wanted to say a great job on the guestbook. I really enjoy reading it and seeing who keeps in touch. After many years living in Oklahoma we've moved back to Richland and how surprising it is to see how much has grown, our daughter who will be in Carmichael this year is surprised at how big the schools are. We look forward to settling here and I look forward to a future class reunion since I missed the big R2K this year. Hello to the 79' class, hope is all well.
From: PAT LAIR (WILEY-LUKENS) ( Date: Wed Aug 8 15:19:38 2001 class of 1957 Hi, this is a great web page your doing a great job. I found out about this web at my grandaughters wedding. Where i found the parents of the groom where graduates of Columbia High. What a small world. I would love to hear from old friends or anyone that knows of the where abouts of 1957 graudates. Thanks Pat
From: Terry Tate ( Date: Sun Jul 29 22:53:24 2001 Get a Grip I recently learned that some of the school officials are worried over the mascot and name of "Richland Bombers". This is just another classic example of pseudo-intellectuals concerning themselves over political correctness rather than right or wrong. Try as they may, they cannot change history. Those of us that grew up in Richland and went to Columbia High School know that the Atomic Energy Commission was the sole reason for Richland growing from a wide spot in the road to a beautiful city carved out of the desert. Because of the efforts of our fathers, uncles and next-door neighbors, the United States remained the greatest, strongest nation on the planet. Everyone who grew up in Richland during the 50's and 60's has just cause to be very proud of that. Go ahead, school board. Give it your best shot. Try to change history by changing a name. You are doomed by design to fail. All you are doing is robbing people of a part of their growing up years and for that
From: Jil Lytle-Smith ( Date: Tue Jul 24 21:46:40 2001 reunions/old buds Just wanted to say Hi! to the class of '82. would love to hear what everyone is up to!
From: Allen B. Thompson ( Date: Tue Jul 24 15:35:27 2001 The Bomb & the Bombers! The last letter the Hearld published of mine regarded the desecration of the American Flag back in the 70's. Now they are desecrating history! Richland/Hanford made the plutonium that made the A-bomb. It saved hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides. For the people of Richland not to be proud of that fact says more than a mouth full. Your superintendent of schools seems to be a revisionist of the first order.
From: Renee (Huff) Bjornard ( Date: Mon Jul 23 15:41:41 2001 I'll be thinking of you as I miss this 30th reunion Hi classmates of '71 ~ I just received notice of our class reunion in a few weeks and will miss the festivities; which is really a shame as my brothers Jeff and Jody will be visiting Richland July 29th - Aug. 5th, and I'm going to miss that too! I remarried in 1999 to the sweetest, kindest man (incidentally, I found him in Richland). We left the nuclear industry and are in the process of breaking into the music industry here in sunny Florida. My husband, Trond, is a gifted music composer and licensed captain (that's why we're in the Ft. Lauderdale area). Be watching the Weather Channel as he will be interviewed for his own "Perfect Storm" experience last year out of Cape Hatteras and has been inspired to express his "mindscape" in an orchestral piece. Our web-site Media Music Productions will be up and running soon. I am employed as a marketing assistant to a financial planner enjoying the benefits of my recent degree fr
From: Donnie Dean ( Date: Thu Jul 12 19:07:30 2001 Missing classmate I'm class of 66, looking for Linda Hess. I went throught Marcus Whitman, Carmichael and Col Hi with her. Where are you Linda? I love this bomber web page. Thanks to those responsible.
From: KAREN ROTAN (CARSON) ( Date: Mon Jul 9 20:01:07 2001 CLASS 1966 Hi to all. It's been great to see all my old friends listed. I was at the '96 (30 year reunion)and I have remembered all those I met again after all those years. I regret I will miss it this year. I have my vacation in Alaska during that time. I "bid" for my vacation in Jan of each year. must close. karen rotan
From: Donna (Dawn) O'Neal ( Date: Sun Jul 1 15:26:43 2001 Greetings - Class of 66 Nice touch to be able to find out if our classmates live next door to us now and find old friends! Hope the reunion is wonderful this year.... Have a great time!
From: Bob Harman ( Date: Sat Jun 30 18:12:53 2001 CONGRATULATIONS! What a great idea! I wish I had found it sooner. There are many folks I would like to find that someone might help with. How about Cecil Golden? Bev Boyd? Lou Ann Binns? just to name a few. Those were good years! I worked at Safeway for "Mac", some of you may remember him. I also worked at the Richland Laundry. I was with a group of '51 grads that were employed in a drafting training course by G.E. Others were Bob Campbell, Paul Weichel, Donna Shannon, Don Meyers, etc. Thanks for the home page! Bob Harman ('51)
From: Jerry Evans ( Date: Fri Jun 22 19:40:38 2001 Hanford/DOE Compensation Claims I didn't think to ask on my previous sign in whether there is anyone out there who has info on how to deal with these DOE claims, or where I can get better direction then the typical website?
From: Jerry Evans ( Date: Fri Jun 22 19:34:23 2001 Connections This seems to be the preferred mode of transportation these days, so I figured I better get my name on the roster.
From: Laurie 'Harbour' Oliveros ( Date: Sat May 26 18:46:56 2001 1981 "20th" Class Reunion Hi! Does anyone know the dates for the 1981 20th class reunion?
From: Jerry Oakley ( Date: Sat May 26 14:42:05 2001 oops, forgot to comlete my email address.
From: Jerry Oakley (51) (gmoakley) Date: Sat May 26 14:39:20 2001 Ray Burruss Can anyone tell me about Ray Burruss and how to get ahold of him??
From: Linda Anderson Walley ( Date: Thu May 24 01:13:55 2001 Hi you guys It is great to be back in Wa. and finally get my computer up and running. Loving this quite quaint little town of Soap Lake. This is a super fun website. Thanks to the great Bomber Boomers. Love to here from you all. Linda Anderson Walley
From: Kelli 'Ramsey' Doan ( Date: Mon May 14 01:48:07 2001 Hi Class of '88 Just found this site thought i would say hello.I went to Richland High up to my 12Th year dropped out 3 months shy of graduating stupid me. Write if you want.
From: Trudy (Shivley) Hartis ( Date: Sat May 5 20:33:04 2001 Class of 1971 reunion I am living in Chesapeake, Virginia. We are coming to the West Coast the first of August. I hope to see '71 families. When is the reunion? I would love to be there.
From: Ed(Eddie) Weasner ( Date: Fri May 4 19:45:31 2001 Sept. 2001 Reunion Just a word of hello to all of the '51 grads, hope to see you in Sept. Does anyone remember Ellen Harrison and her brother Dale and where they might be? Ed at eweasner@aol.
From: Jerry Oakley (51) ( Date: Sun Apr 29 12:11:32 2001 Drive in What was the name of that drive-in that was across the Yakima bridge and before the "Y"? I believe Susie Johnson worked there as a car hop. Does anyone know where she is?
From: Chuck Stade ( Date: Wed Apr 25 19:50:48 2001 Looking for anyone who graduated from RHS 1962 I am currently living in Salem Oregon where I am a veterans representative for Congresswoman Hooley. I am retired from the US. Army after 22 years. I would enjoy hearing from my class mates. Please send email to Thanks and looking forward to your emails. I would especially like to hear the lates gosip as I have been away from Richland for the past 30+ years.
From: Mary Anne Merritt ( Date: Wed Apr 25 14:35:36 2001 Fellow Richlanders I would love to hear from anyone from Richland that I grew up with.. I have a new email. My maiden name was Greninge
From: Mary Anne Merritt ( Date: Wed Apr 25 14:35:00 2001 Fellow Richlanders I would love to hear from anyone from Richland that I grew up with.. I have a new email. My maiden name was Greninge
From: michael hays ( Date: Wed Apr 18 15:59:38 2001 i'm out here hello to all my freinds. send me something michael
From: Gene Barron ( Date: Sat Apr 14 11:35:49 2001 1947 Grad Class This goes way, way back. Are any of the 47 class grads still alive? If so, I would like to hear from you.
From: Ann Schafer&Fred ( Date: Sun Mar 25 21:57:58 2001 We have a computer Class of 1963 Hi to all of our buds out there. We are finally on line and having fun learning to use the computer.We also had a great time at the R2k reunion. We also had a family reunion with Fred sister Kay class of 1966 and brother Art class of 1970. Hope to hear from some of our classmates. See ya, Ann
From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews ( Date: Sat Mar 17 15:12:46 2001 Memories Just a note from Georgia-I didn't graduate with the class of '61 because I moved in Jun of '60, but I remember many of you and do wish I could come to the 40 year reunion. I could show off pixes of my 13 grands and 1 great. I would love to hear from some of you. I remember a lot of faces not many names. I was engaged to Dumes Gaines what happened to him? Audrey
From: barbara sharp lysher (barbie_sp43@hotmail) Date: Tue Feb 27 13:47:36 2001 Linda Romeri - Memorial Page class of 60 or 6l Got onto a memorial page for class of 6l or 60, don't remember, and saw that Linda Romeri's name is on the list. Does anyone know what happened to her, where she lived, cause of death? I was so surprised. Remember her Dad owned Romeri Ford I think in Pasco or Kennewick? Please contact me if you know anything. Thanks
From: Ron Brown ( Date: Sun Feb 25 07:01:52 2001 Trying to find Sherry McCulley Class of 1975 Dear friends My name is Ron Brown, I am a friend of Sherry McCulleys. Havent seen her since 1976 in Spokane. Last I heard she was getting married. Would love to hear from her. If you know how she is please let me know. Thanks very much Ron
From: Lisa McCurdy ( Date: Fri Feb 23 03:22:33 2001 first time here Hello all 1986 alumni!! Would love to hear from you. Looking for Kathie Hollis,Doug Reeder, and any one else, would love to hear how every one is and what they are doing. I live in Yakima with my husband and a 5 year old son, married 11 yrs now. Hope every one is fine and doing well!!!!
From: Rebecca (Hanson) Lange ( Date: Wed Feb 21 18:02:05 2001 Hello all RHS Bombers and Grads Hello to all from Kenai, Alaska. I graduated from Richland- Class of 1966. Have lived in Alaska since 1980. Have been to 3 class reunions, my 10th, 20th, and 30th. Had a great time at all getting to see all my classmates again. A special hello to Jan Moulthrop and hubby, Denny and Nanette Duncan, John and Vicki Cole, Micky Hemphill, Lynn Dawson, Kathy Wilson, and all the gals who were in Job's Daughters with me. Have 3 beautiful children, and 2 grandboys. All of them love to camp, fish which is good since I do alot of it. "Grandma" can't think of anything better than watching her grandboys throw out a line and reel in dinner. They have to be quick about it as my other two "kids" like to fish too. The other two "kids" are my chocolate labradors, Jake and Tess. You can't go near the water without them and they know the sound of a fishing reel. Anyone who would like to write, drop me a line. Rebecca Lange (alias) Becky Hanson
From: Josh McIntyre ( Date: Wed Feb 14 23:37:22 2001 Class of '96 Greetings from "scenic" Enid, OK. After graduating from RHS, I attended U of Portland on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. I'm currently stationed at Vance AFB here in Enid. I'm about a 1/4 through pilot training. Go Bombers!
From: Chris Webster ( Date: Wed Feb 14 19:45:47 2001 Hello to fellow classmates of 1978. Finally have signed the guest book and look forward to future news from everyone. My sister Penny (Webster) Smalley is visiting us in Tacoma this week and helped me find this website.
From: Ron Woodruff ( Date: Mon Feb 12 23:40:10 2001 Doing well and looking forward to seeing you all at the 2001 30th year reunion was fun to find this site and have all the good memories rushing back...Am married with two great kids. Teaching high school business education and looking for a vice-principal position this next school year......hope all finds you in Puyallup Washington....My brother Pat is fine...married with two children and a great wife living in Bellevue, Washington......
From: Bridgette Carney ( Date: Thu Feb 8 21:18:44 2001 looking for Barbara Dingee Class of '84 Is there anyone out there who knows how to reach Barbara Dingee. An e-mail, home address or phone number will do. Thank you for your help.
From: Donna Fredette ( Date: Thu Feb 8 01:08:00 2001 Class of 1965!!!!!!! Forgot to say I was from the class of '65! Guess what?! I'm a Grandma!! My daughter Bonnie had a little daughter, Gabriella Brynne and she is beautiful!! Hi JoAnne Bushnell! and Phyllis Merker and Chip Abrams!! and everyone else I missed at the 2000 reunion! See you in 2005!!
From: Donna Fredette ( Date: Thu Feb 8 00:59:23 2001 Hello to all you great Bombers and Bomberettes!!!!! So great to see this site!! Maretta Nelson and Linda McKnight told me about it! Sorry to miss the reunions but I'll be at the next one!! The reunion picnic from '85 was great!! Please add my name to the alumni list. Miss you guys!!
From: Steve Wilson ( Date: Sun Feb 4 18:48:13 2001 Class of 1971 reunion of 2001 a spaced odyssey What a long strange trip it's been. So when is the reunion? Someone tell me.
From: Steve Wilson ( Date: Sun Feb 4 18:43:09 2001 Class of 1971 reunion of 2001 a spaced odyssey What a long strange trip it's been. So when is the reunion? Someone tell me.
From: Steve Wilson ( Date: Sun Feb 4 18:11:07 2001 Class of 1971 Hey I found some former classmates. Now can you tell me when the big 2001 reunion party is going letter to 14833 58th Place W., Edmonds, WA 98026 letter to Steve Wilson14
From: Jackie Hanson (Houston) ( Date: Sat Feb 3 12:41:30 2001 '73 Bomber Just found this site!! I've been scrolling all morning and boy have a lot of memories came back. I have 2 Bomber kids now - DJ Hanson, class of '99 and Shylah, class '02. Hope to hear from former classmates. Jackie
From: Morgan Miller ( Date: Tue Jan 30 21:21:22 2001 First time reading web site. Class of 52-53 Just met with Bill Hughes (Class of 52) this last weekend near Panama City Florida, had a ball reminissing about old times. We had only seen eachother two times in fifty years. Once in Germany in 1955 and the other time in Ohio 1986. We are looking forward to making it to one of the reunions. Morgan Miller 2551 Granada Camino Pensacola, Florida 32507
From: Crystal Stahl ( Date: Fri Jan 19 23:27:56 2001 To my good friends Hey guys, hows it going? I can't believe that graduation is coming up so quickly..just letting you know that I will definetely be there. I promise!!! I miss all you guys...Minh, Cynthia, Barbara, Amberlee, and so many more that I don't even know!!!! I hope you guys are having a great year at Richland High and I wish I could be there. Love you all!- Crystal
From: Elizabeth Williams ( Date: Fri Jan 19 02:23:36 2001 class of 84 and 85 Hello to all. Back then I was Elizabeth Williams. I attended Richland in 83 and 84. I hung out with Karen Pember and Kim Nolan to name a few. If you remember me please write. I would love to chat about the old days.
From: Jan(Jacobs)Steffens ( Date: Wed Jan 17 15:35:28 2001 30th reunion (?) Hi class of '71. How about our 30th reunion? Haven't heard any info - but looking forward to it! Post dates so we all can make plans!
From: Nancy(Stillwell)Yoes ( Date: Tue Jan 16 13:41:45 2001 CLASS OF 1971 I just wanted to say hi to all the old ( and we are getting up there), guys and gals of the class of 1971. Hope all is well with everyone. I have been married for 28 wonderful years and have two boys. My oldest is 26 and married, and just graduated from WSU. My youngest is 21 and in the Navy in Japan. My husband and I live in Walla Walla. He is vice-president for a software company and right now I'm just staying at home. Anyway that is a short rundown of my life. I would love to hear from anyone of you. Take care, Nancy
From: Patti (Felch) Walrath ( Date: Mon Jan 15 12:51:24 2001 class of 1987 Anyone out there know where I can find Greg Mace and Muriel Hoppe? I'd love to get in touch with them. I'm living in Alaska, married, with 2 kids. Megan is 5 and Colin is 2 1/2. Anyone want to get in touch?
From: Debra Ellis(Wright) ( Date: Wed Jan 10 15:38:32 2001 Hey guys from 1985 Great site, I just found it today. It was great reading what some of the classmates are doing with their lives. I myself am a full time mommy with 5 wonderful children, they keep me pretty busy, with P.T.A. and being a classroom mom. I am hoping to go back to college in the fall however to finish my Early Childhood Education degree. If anyone has heard from Holly Hultgren please let me know how to get a hold of her that would be great. Thanks Debra A. Ellis (Wright)
From: Stephanie Smith ( Date: Sun Jan 7 16:59:31 2001 Class of '85 Hi guys! I moved to Colorado in April and I am currently living with my fiance and his parents. I would like to hear from other '85 Class members, so drop me a line!
From: Phoebe Sheldon Wildenborg Date: Fri Jan 5 21:49:50 2001 class of 1987 I just wanted to say Hi to anyone who might remember me. I am back in town. I work for Tri-cities Residential Services. Give me a call some time. I was wondering if there is anybody out there?
From: Ken Scheirer ( Date: Tue Dec 19 03:07:43 2000 Class of 1985 I seem to be the only "Class of '85" who has left a message. If you are reading this and were a part of the 85 class, drop me a line and tell me what you've been up to. I've been in Atlanta GA for the past 15 years!! Also, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Chris Elder please let me know.
From: Vette Workman 1971 ( Date: Thu Dec 14 23:38:29 2000 Just saying 'Hi" to the class of 1971 Hello! all you Bombers. Glad to here some of us are still alive. Am in Portland, still going to school. Let me here how you all have been.
From: Cathy (Lemler) Dunnum ( Date: Tue Nov 21 10:52:51 2000 1974 Would love to hear from you guys. Does anyone know where I could reach Linda (Olson) Walton? Last contact I had with her, she was living in Davis, California.
From: Deanna Campbell ( Date: Mon Nov 13 11:05:57 2000 1972 Hey would love to reach a few of you out there! Kati Cates, Betty Little, Sue Dicks, Dee Z., Bill Smith, Bill Johns, hows it going? Im still running a crew of 110 men. Its real tuff but someone has to do it.
From: katie byington ( Date: Sun Nov 12 20:05:58 2000 class of 2003... GO BOMBERS.... Hello all alumni... I am not graduated yet, but i am attending RHS presently and it is a blast.. I never want my High school years to end... I love the school spirit that we have and capability that some of the students have in many different sports.. The Bomber varsity foot ball team recently won the state chanpionships and everyone was so enthusiastic about it.. it was the best year of my life.. A whole bunch of people got on the leader bus and went all the way to tachoma to see the game.. it was a great game.. i didn't have the time to go to tachoma but i watched the game on TV.. It was a great game... I hope we keep up the same enthusiasm as we did last year... Gotta fly... Go BOMBERS... bomber basketball rocks, and bomer softball too...
From: CAROLYN HARTLEY (MULLINS) (CMULLINS@LEWISCOUNTY.COM) Date: Sat Nov 11 11:01:19 2000 REUNIONS Hi, to all old classmates out there. I went to the all class reunion in 2000 and was it great. Looking forward to the 1961 class reunion this next summer. I live in Randle, WA and would look forward to seeing or hearing from any of you!
From: howard madsen ( Date: Fri Nov 10 23:06:14 2000 email address sorry i forgot to complete my email address
From: howard madsen (hmtreeman) Date: Thu Nov 9 01:05:19 2000 howdy old friends! write me class of 70 then 71 whoops, my parents told me to get a good education cuz money doesent grow on trees, well, i am treeman ,,,please write me howard
From: Melissa Henry ( Date: Tue Nov 7 17:52:44 2000 Hello Class of 1998 Nice web site, I just found it. Just wanted to say 'hey' to class of '98! Hope everything is well for everyone!
From: Frank D. Collins, Jr. ( Date: Tue Nov 7 16:50:04 2000 Supposed to be Class of '51-- but actually graduated 1957 while in college, so never received class reunion invitation. Alive and well in California, as brother Dale (Heber) can attest to.
From: Gary Scholl ( Date: Tue Oct 24 19:09:23 2000 Does anyone remember Tim's Drive-in Hi: evryone I am a 56 Grad and am looking forward to a reunion (45th) next year. I was one of the cooks at Tim's for a little over a year 55-56 until I went into the Air Force. I remember the dances (sock-hops) on Wed. evenings, I remember the time we burned a big "R" in Kenniwick's ball field. Brown Leather Jackets and blue jeans, A purple 47 Ford Coupe, Rock and Roll, These are the things I remember about 1956 The Good times. I hope there are some of you who remeber those days
From: Sara Dietz (my dads ( Date: Sun Oct 22 12:37:53 2000 hey class of '81 hey all u bombers!! i am sara dietz i am the daughter of John Dietz class of '81 and my aunt is Kristin Dietz.If you know them please contact John. thanks sara
From: Pamela ( Date: Sun Oct 15 19:18:15 2000 Hello Alll Richland Bombers I'm so happy to see this site, miss seeing everyone coming and going. I graduated in 1971 and my maiden name is Garrett. I have lived in Puyallup, WA since 1974. I went to 10 year class reunion, sorry I haven't made it back since. I work in the construction industry as an accountant. I'm looking forward to finding old friends and comunicating with them. Good page!!
From: Mike Howell ( Date: Tue Oct 10 12:02:51 2000 I'm Looking for: Hi Everybody; I'm trying to find a few of the people I knew back when. I would like to find Rebecca Ann Zielinski, Howell,? (1972)- Jon Wray McKnight (1966) Floy Greenough, ? (1968)- Diane Purdue (1968) - Or even anyone that remembers me. Mike
From: James (Jim) Patton ( Date: Sat Oct 7 13:34:54 2000 Class of '71 Nice to see some familiar names! I retired from the Navy in 1996, and now I'm teaching High School in Redding, CA. I'm married to a San Diego gal, and we have one daughter, a teen-ager (yikes! was I this bad?)
From: Dan Smart ( Date: Fri Sep 22 02:27:34 2000 Hi Class of 1971 Hi everyone who knows me & to those who don't I wish we could have met sooner. Great page. Please add me to your next update.
From: Annette (Hall)Bundrant ( Date: Wed Sep 13 01:20:48 2000 To Judy Wilcox, Tom Hemphill Judy I know you are in Richland. How are you? For Tom, Where were you at R2K?
From: Traci Dancer ( Date: Sun Sep 10 12:05:11 2000 Class of 86 Although I moved away in 84, I would have loved to graduate from RHS. Still looking for Chris Bender, Shelley See, Stormi Koerner, Vickie Briones, and all those that I attended school with.
From: Behymer (64) ( Date: Sat Sep 9 11:48:38 2000 Important URLs! Send Alumni Sandstorm entries to: Alumni Sandstorm site: The 1st Richland Bomber Alumni Page: ALL Bomber Alumni Links: ALL Bomber R2K Links: Richland BomberFuneral Notices:
From: Denise(Nelson)Christensen 1984 ( Date: Wed Sep 6 01:52:28 2000 Just saying "hi" to everyone.
From: Emily Clark ( Date: Mon Aug 28 13:41:44 2000 Cool Website! I'm looking forward to high school. I'm not in high school. But I can't wait to be. I am currently a 6th grader at Chief Jo Middle School, but I can't wait until I can go to RHS! GO BOMBERS!!!!!!!!
From: Princess Hester ( Date: Tue Aug 15 19:45:16 2000 Would Have Been The Class of 1981 Hello Richland, It's been years since I've been to WA. I was a product of Jason Lee and Chief Jo. My brother, Don, made it all the way through (Col Hi) and was the Class of '78. Our mother was a first grade teacher at Jason Lee for about 10 years. Would love to hear from any of my old classmates. Richland was definitely a memorable place!!!
From: Christine Woodward ( Date: Mon Aug 14 15:27:16 2000 Robin Rieck Class of 1972. Lost contact with Robin Rieck while she was going to the U, Sue Flodine was in Ellensburg and I was in Wenatchee. Any news of where she may be? We would love to contact her and give her the latest of Sue and mines adventures.
From: Scott Cross ( Date: Thu Aug 10 10:54:21 2000 Hi everybody! Wow, doesn't anybody from the class of '88 read this message board? I just stopped by to say hi to everybody I went to school with. If you know me, drop me a line! Sorry I missed the y2k reunion, but airfare from Germany is QUITE expensive!!
From: Katrina (Norwood) Swanson ( Date: Mon Jul 31 13:33:11 2000 Class of 1981 Pleased to find this web page. My family and I were in WA the week end of the 2000 party. I did not have enough info to get it together in time to go, so I sat it out. I did hear that if was fun for all. I would enjoy hearing from any one of the class of "81" ,that have information on class reuions. Or just information on friends.
From: Barbara Walker (Maffei) ( Date: Thu Jul 20 15:29:16 2000 1971 grad Was E-mailed this site. It was great to read all the stories. Have been gone for a long time. Came back this summer for my parents 50th anniversary. Am living in the Chicago area now. Would like to hear from you.
From: Patty Spencer ( Date: Fri Jul 14 23:35:24 2000 CLASS OF '65 just connected with this site through my sister, Christy. Please add my name to your alumni list.
From: DELILA GROUT BROCHON ( Date: Fri Jul 14 21:59:26 2000 updated info- see below 17 East Richards Way Sparks NV 89431 775-359-4735
From: Susan Black ( Date: Thu Jul 13 15:52:25 2000 Would-hav-been 1973 Just signing in to say "Hi". Would love to hear from classmates.
From: Judy (Manning) Moore ( Date: Thu Jul 13 01:57:03 2000 Class of '65 Hello to everyone out there. Don't mind hearing from you....its been along time. Miss seeing all my old friends.
From: Christy Spencer Peterson ( Date: Wed Jul 12 15:11:36 2000 CLASS OF 67 Just found this site. Please add me to the alumni list. If anyone know where I can get in touch with Dawn Thomas (class of 67), please let me know. Thanks
From: lonnie beatty ( Date: Tue Jul 11 05:46:44 2000 would have been boomer wazzzup to all the old and new col high/richland high people out there. my mom and dad went to richland high and grad. in 1960, there names at that time were wilma(ellie) pence and dennis robertson now beatty.myh other relitives were joanne robertson and others to be sure. unfortunetly my family and I moved and ended up being a grad. of cabrillo h.s. in lompoc ca. class of 1986, but have always thought about richland high and the tri-cites area. I my self went to jefferson elementry from 1972 and moved 3 months before mt. st. helens blow up or out as the case may be. I went to school with guy lewis, david bromley, jennifer spinos, julie bucanan, john jate vonnie edwards,nick manolopolis, jackie couch, dana hussy, and a bunch more people. If anyone knows how to get a hold of any of these people, please give them my e-mail # so thay can respond. I would love to here from anyone. thanks for a great web site go 1986, go boomers!!!!!
From: lonnie beatty ( Date: Tue Jul 11 05:45:13 2000 would have been boomer wazzzup to all the old and new col high/richland high people out there. my mom and dad went to richland high and grad. in 1960, there names at that time were wilma(ellie) pence and dennis robertson now beatty.myh other relitives were joanne robertson and others to be sure. unfortunetly my family and I moved and ended up being a grad. of cabrillo h.s. in lompoc ca. class of 1986, but have always thought about richland high and the tri-cites area. I my self went to jefferson elementry from 1972 and moved 3 months before mt. st. helens blow up or out as the case may be. I went to school with guy lewis, david bromley, jennifer spinos, julie bucanan, john jate vonnie edwards,nick manolopolis, jackie couch, dana hussy, and a bunch more people. If anyone knows how to get a hold of any of these people, please give them my e-mail # so thay can respond. I would love to here from anyone. thanks for a great web site go 1986, go boomers!!!!!
From: Bill Vickers ( Date: Mon Jul 10 22:30:18 2000 Class of 86 Greeting form Florida. If anyone knows how to get a hold of Mike Webb please let me know. In short I moved back to Florida Married to Kim have two children Savannah and Levi. Work in the Aeorspace industry, my wife is a physical therapist. Look forward to hearing from any other 1986 grads. (damn we are getting old) Take care Bill
From: sheila ramerman ( Date: Sat Jul 8 18:57:07 2000 Hi all! CLASS OF 1972....I missed the R2K reunion because I didn't hear about it until July 5 - wish I could have been there! Lori Jo (Killand) Whelan filled me in on everything, tho. This is a great idea, and a good way to keep in touch. Please add me to the alum list. Thanks!
From: Samantha Stokes ( Date: Mon Jul 3 16:04:59 2000 Class of '96 Looking over this page has made me feel really young! Thanks everyone. =) I just graduated from Willamette University and I have been suffering from a serious case of nostalgia. I have been home since graduation in May. However, in three days I am leaving for New York, where I will be working for two years. I am very excited, however, a little nervous about driving through Kansas. I can't decide whether I am going to die from the tornados or sheer boredom. Anyway, if anyone is out there from any class that I know I would love to hear from you about the changes in your life. It's much better than hearing it through other people who swear they know "accurate" stories about everyone!=) Take care everyone. -Sammy Stokes
From: Tara shipman Date: Sun Jul 2 00:28:49 2000 sorry sorry about that i forgot to tell you what year i was suppose to graduate....1995
From: Tara Shipman ( Date: Sun Jul 2 00:26:00 2000 was suppose to be a bomber graduate hey yall, i lived in richland for 14 years and moved down to texas and graduated from there. I am now in cali and have lived here since Dec 99. I am looking just to stay in touch with people i went to school with so email me so i can keep in contact with everyone.....and congrates to my friend who is expecting her first baby......congrats.......... Tara Shipman
From: jim andersen {andy} ( Date: Fri Jun 30 14:24:18 2000 living in tn working in two rivers wi the past 2 yrs,tom chiles up here to,hope to see you all in2001 at reunion.
From: Jenny Keating(Khan) (Jennykkeating@hotmail) Date: Fri Jun 30 06:51:41 2000 Looking for Crystal Davison I was an exchange student at Richland High January to June 1990. I am trying to contact old friends. I am Australian. If any one remembers me or knows where Crystal is now please e-mail me. thank you
From: Dari Wilson ( Date: Thu Jun 29 23:21:01 2000 Class of 78 Wow! I'm impressed with this web site. Brings back a flood of memories from when I went to Col-Hi. My brother Dwayne went to the last reunion and told me how great it was. Unfortunately, I found out about it, and the web site afterwards. This sets the stage that makes me want to attend a future reunion. All my best to the bomber alumni, and I hope to see you some day. Dari
From: Teresa (Larkin)Alley Date: Wed Jun 28 15:41:19 2000 Class 0f 1975 I'm so sorry I missed the big reunion in June. Our family is already planning a trip to Richland early August. It sounds like it was a terrific time for all! Jim Rice- my best buddie, Kathy B. tells me you had something to do with the wonderful Bomber web-site. You never cease to amaze me! I think I actually miss your teases! Great job!
From: George Carlin ( Date: Wed Jun 28 11:47:22 2000 Your Reunion Site One of my classmates ( ) attended your reunion and hasn't been able to stop bragging about it. I just looked at your site and read all the minutes for your reunion. Great Job! We're holding a reunion in 2002 for multiple classes and you've given us a lot of good ideas.
From: Jacqui Crose Zwanzig ( Date: Wed Jun 28 01:20:06 2000 Class of 1961 Sorry to hear I missed a very fantastic reunion!! Would have loved to see some "old" pals from the class of '61. Looking forward to the next one!!
From: Ed Sullivan 65 Date: Tue Jun 27 05:53:09 2000 R2K Please add my name to the list of most appreciative benefactors of all the hard work that went into the planning and execution of the best Richland homecoming ever. Having the school available for most of the events was a stroke of genius; it brought back the setting, and not just the people. I enjoyed almost every minute of the entire weekend, save for the inevitable denouement, of saying good-bye to friends we've just re-met. I was impressed with the generosity of talents that so many gave to the raffle; the well done alumni games, with pep band, chearleaders, flags and the stupendous baton twirlers, the sweltering sock hop which brought back memories of a night at the Hi Spot in August, the ready availability of the spudnuts and the cinnamon rolls on Saturday, the list can and does go on. And that's not to mention all the old friends and the older memories that happened at every corner. To all the people who worked on the event, who made it so that I was able to enjoy t
From: Judy Farris Rick 1970 ( Date: Tue Jun 27 03:13:25 2000 class of 1970 reunion So glad to find this site. I enjoyed the R2K reunion and am looking forward to class of 70 reunion in July.Hope to get some e-mails from friends in classes 1968thru 1970
From: Jacki Shipman McKinney ( Date: Mon Jun 26 21:26:02 2000 R2K Reunion Uncle John you did a great job. Thanks to all of the people that volunter. Rick and I had a great time. Wish that more of the Class of 73 could of been there. Where "Were you Guys" Let's see there was Myself and Danny Green, Sherry Foreman and Dyanne Fowler. What happened??? Oh wait there where some that I didn't see. Thanks to all that showed up from 1973. Hope that when we have a 30 year reunion that all will be there.
From: DENNIS HOFF '59 ( Date: Mon Jun 26 17:28:48 2000 R2K What a class act,"BOMBER ALUMNI". I was overwhelmed at "R2K" this past weekend. I believe I can finally claim Kathy [Hoff] Conrad as my sister, very proudly. And I mention her because she is my sister, but the rest of the committee also -- Thanks a lot for an unforgettable time. ******************** What is it about the BOMBERS? I've never seen such unity over all these years.
From: Guy Corrado ( Date: Mon Jun 26 01:17:41 2000 Missed the reunion Congratulations on your hardwork on this site!!Recently relocated to Las Vegas,could not get back in time for the reunion. Will try to stay in touch more often.
From: April Miller ( Date: Mon Jun 26 00:58:15 2000 R2K Had a great time this past weekend! Didn't realize how much fun the R2K would be. Nice to know that there are other fellow Bombers who are just as team spritied and supportive of RHS as I am. I hope this event becomes a tradition. . .(let me know next time if you need volunteers..I would love to have had karoake at R2K or even an alumni softball game w/alumni baseball players and softball players) : ) p.s. to: angie willis (maiden name) hey girl..i couldnt find your email address on the web page : (
From: Cliff St. John ( Date: Fri Jun 23 19:56:19 2000 Class of 57 through 58 Just got a home computer (it's an "ol dog, new tricks" thing) Anyway would be glad to hear from any Bomber who may still remember me. I still live in Richland (couldn't tear myself away from Bomber Basketball) Would also like to hear from any of you Little League,Pony League, Colt League or Babe Ruth baseball players I've coached.
From: Linda Russell Date: Fri Jun 23 15:40:42 2000 Class of "64" This is what made me decide to come to the R2K reunion.Great job with web site.
From: Linda Russell Date: Fri Jun 23 15:39:33 2000 Class of "64" This is what made me decide to come to the R2K reunion.
From: Herrell & Mollie (Rutt) Hall ( Date: Fri Jun 23 11:53:01 2000 Class of 71 Fred Hinkle linked us to this site, so blame him. Mollie and I met at our 25 year reunion, got married, and yes, we're still together. Looking forward to Y2K reunion and Cool Desert Nites. See you there...
From: Tony Robinson ( Date: Fri Jun 23 03:56:00 2000 Class of 1977 I'm getting ready to move back to Richland after 23 years and retiring from the Army, I've always considered Richland home no matter where I was. I have to tell all of my former classmates, teachers and coaches that you all made a difference. I wasn't very out going so I didn't know many people, but I noticed alot of what went on. Having been in some pretty lousy situations during my military career I can tell you that I looked back to the best part of my life when things got really intense, and that was my time at Richland High School. Thanks to all of you who made a difference, there were some great role modles out there who will never know how much you helped me and in turn helped others in other places. After being in over 60 countries, and most of the U.S., Richland was a great place to grow up. I'm looking forward to moving back home and flying for Battelle and hopefully seeing people I know at the reunion. Great Site!!
From: Mark L. Ufkes (UFKESMARKL@MSN.COM) Date: Tue Jun 20 22:46:14 2000 Atomic City - RHS Classes of 1972, 73, 74, 75 After going through the alimni list and web site, I can't get this big grin off my face. What a great job. Good for all of you who have worked so hard to put it together so that the rest of us to stay connected and enjoy the benefit. Spent much of my life working around the country and overseas. RHS Bomber hats with the mushroom cloud were always a big hit wherever I was. There is someone in Kasgar, China wearing one right now. I have always been proud of the "Atomic City" and will definately be at R2K. Sounds like great fun. Warmest Regards. Mark L. Ufkes (Class of 1973) brother of Doug Ufkes(1968) and Tamara Ufkes(1977) 6523 California Ave., SW, PMB #135 Seattle, WA 98136 (206) 246-07979
From: Daniel W. Green ( Date: Sun Jun 18 14:15:14 2000 Class of 1973 This is a great Idea! I am looking forwoard to seeing alot of my friends. Great Job on putting this together!
From: Jo Conrad Bott ( Date: Sat Jun 17 13:09:18 2000 CLASS OF 65 Great site! Thanks. Like to hear from old friends. Jo
From: Ralph Wood ( Date: Sat Jun 17 12:22:39 2000 Class of 64 Hi to all Bombers Please enter me in the next update of the email addresses. Living in Pasco.
From: Patty (Chappell) Christison ( Date: Wed Jun 14 15:04:36 2000 Class of '60 I guess I've been among the list of missing! "Hi" to classmates from RHS, class of '60, Carmichael, Lewis & Clark, Marcus Whitman--I'd love to hear from you! What a GREAT site and wonderful trip down memory lane! Brings back great memories!
From: Brian Dierks ( Date: Wed Jun 14 01:49:37 2000 Class of '78 Just found this site. Not bad. Found a couple of familiar names. Drop a line if you wish. Still in the area. Recognized a familair name where I work. Small world in some aspects. See ya!
From: Jamie Baldwin ( Date: Tue Jun 13 21:43:55 2000 Class of 95 Just thought it would be interesting to hear from anyone in highschool that remembers me. See where your lives have taken you. I live in Minneapolis and just graduated from college....I've only kept track of a handful of people from highschool and would like to hear from others! Write if you have time, and if you don't have time-you should make it!!! Who knows what could come of it! byebye
From: Lyndy Myers 'Wheeler' ( Date: Sat Jun 10 13:46:57 2000 Class of 62 WOW what fun to read about "old" friends and neighbors. Wayne and I are still married is that weird or what We are looking forward to seeing you all at the R2K
From: April ( Date: Thu Jun 8 23:55:08 2000 Mr. Perryman For all those you knew Mr. Perryman.....he passed away today of a heart attack. Sympathy to Jay (class of '92) and the rest of his family.
From: Judy Willox Hodge 1961 ( Date: Wed Jun 7 19:01:42 2000 All new at this, I love this page Hey all you bombers out there! Finally came out of the dark ages and fell prey to one of these contraptions. Thanks to my brother, I am now an owner of a computer. Thanks to my sister, Mercedes Loiseau and my best friend (still to this day) Myrna Bolin Turner for nagging me to death until I finally gave in. I am sure I will thank them for real some day! Would love to hear from more of the class of '61. Does anybody know what ever happened to Barry Babbit '60 or to Kent Bone '60? If any one knows, let me know. See ya all again. Judy Willox Hodge '61
From: Deb 9Upington) Fritts ( Date: Wed Jun 7 01:42:55 2000 Class of '82 Anyone else? Would love to hear from anyone in class of '82...Please add me to your next update for the Alumni of '82 page. Thanks!!!
From: Jerry D. Martin ( Date: Tue Jun 6 12:22:18 2000 class of 1957 Where's Dean Enderle, do any of you remember the Hi-spot Club? Or better yet does anyone rember me? Other than have alot of senior moments, I am doing Great. Most of my class mates have grandkids the age of my baby 11 years old, I know a slow learner. Would love to hear from any of my ole friends, both of you. Jerry
From: Vickie Krause (Herold) ( Date: Mon Jun 5 19:45:23 2000 Just found out about the reunion will be there whos out there from the class of 1970?s Hi... I was at the 20 year cant beleive its 30 aleady!! Looking for Larry Worley anyone know of his whereabouts ? Or how about Meg (teaches in Pasco or Kennewick) Will see you in a couple of weeks Vick
From: Larry D. Stone ( Date: Mon Jun 5 00:13:54 2000 Class of 71 I started at Col Hi for my junior year. My late sister, Sandra Stone (Smith) just did her senior year there. We had moved over from Kennewick. I graduated and entered the Air Force where I stayed for 20 years. Retired from the AF in 91; took over my father's carpet installation business for a couple years till I got on with the Postal Service. I'm now a Supervisor of Customer Service with the Richland Post Office (now at the West Richland Station). I live in Richland, on Newcomer St. Larry
From: Jeff Stowe ( Date: Mon Apr 15 23:29:30 2002 Earlier Post Earlier this year I made a post on this board pretending to be my friend Kevin Neill. I wrote it in retalliation to a post he had also written about me before. The things I said about Steve and Phil Neill are not true at all and it was out of line of me to say such a thing. It was meant to be a joke towards Kevin but in the process I've caused a lot of misunderstanding with what I said. I apologize for any false judgements that I may have caused. Sincerely, Jeff Stowe
From: Kevin Neill ( Date: Mon Apr 15 20:31:36 2002 The post on Feb. 20 I heard about the post on Feb.20 regarding my family and myself, as you probably guessed I did not write these things, and none of them are true. Just had to clear these things up, it could hurt the people that were named. Thanks, Kevin
From: Gary Behymer ( Date: Mon Apr 15 12:53:02 2002 Test Pop quiz (;-)
From: Darlene(Ronk)Rose ( Date: Tue Apr 9 16:25:47 2002 Class of "60" Guess I am one of the "missing"! Any one out there from the class of "60"? Live in East Wenatchee and enjoying life. Let me hear from you.
From: Jim Patterson (72) ( Date: Thu Mar 21 00:42:29 2002 Hi Hi Bomber classmates; I just came across the web site last night. My wife was surfing the net to check on her 20 year class reunion (eastmont (82). The Sandstrom is great. I read a few months worth last night. A lot of memories. It is great to see that the bomber sprit is alive and well. Sad to hear about the fallen classmates. If you don't remember me I will understand. I left Richland the day after graduation. My family is still there so I seem to make it back once or twice a year. It would be great to hear from anyone. I hope to make it to the next reunion. Take care. Jim Patterson Wenatchee, Wa.
From: Valerie ( Date: Tue Mar 19 00:53:13 2002 72 grad Love to hear from anyone from those years, we may be getting older, but the spirit is still young. Wont make the reunion, but the computer is great for contact. Am Valerie Downs, but was Valerie Bosch
From: Bob Grout ( Date: Mon Mar 18 05:48:52 2002 Richland classmates 1962 thru 1964 Really would love to hear from anybody who knew the Grout family Delila ann Grout(Brochon) Roberta Grout (Ouaou) Nellie Grout (Browser) Robert Grout and George Grout 1960 Jr. at Richland high. Bob Grout can Be seen live at Disneyland Fire Dept,Fire Capt. 714-7814666 If any body comes down to Disneyland please give me a call before you enter the Park. It could be alot cheaper for you. Please do it. Love to hear from my high school friends. Again the Richland web-site is excellent. Have a Disney Day Bob Grout.
From: Patrick Wolcott ( Date: Sat Mar 16 14:27:27 2002 Hello from California Surfing the web and I found this great site. Looking for information on Thomas Frister, Keith Walker and other 85 alumni.
From: Mark Wilson ( Date: Mon Mar 11 14:48:20 2002 A quick hello Hey Bombers - just a quick hello and give a special thanks to the 86' ASB Student Council - you guys were great & a ton of help! As your President you made me look good at times of taking the wrong road ( so to speak ) Had a blast & was a great experience - Mr. Steve Potter, you tought me a lot - thank you. P.S. Elizebeth (Beth) Williams - How the heck are you - I do remeber!
From: Mike DeMers ( Date: Sun Mar 10 22:21:51 2002 Class of '67 Hi: Just visited the guestbook. Not too many names from my graduating class. I live in Omak, WA. and have since 1974. I work as a land surveyor. Would like to hear from any of my old friends especially from those i went to school with at Christ the King. Mike DeMers
From: Mike DeMers ( Date: Sun Mar 10 22:20:22 2002 Class of '67 Hi: Just visited the guestbook. Not too many names from my graduating class. I live in Omak, WA. and have since 1974. I work as a land surveyor. Would like to hear from any of my old friends especially from those i went to school with at Christ the King. Mike DeMers
From: Marcia Wade-Hausenbuiller ( Date: Sat Mar 9 20:40:50 2002 GREETINGS AND SAULTATIONS TO ALL--ESP. CLASS OF 67 Good to see all the messages from old friends and neighbors. Would love to hear from any of you esp. Nancy, Sherri, Carolyn and Marilyn.
From: Erma Capers McCollough ( Date: Mon Feb 25 14:18:05 2002 Vespa 1971 Gary, you posted on about a Vespa 71 yearbook. I graduated from Greenville High School in 1971 also I work here in the library at and would love that copy. My address is Greenville-Weston High School~ Library~419 East Robertshaw~Greenville, MS 38701. I love your home page, also the exciting scenery of your memories. Thank you.
From: Brian Holcombe ( Date: Sun Feb 24 19:10:04 2002 Class of 1994 Hello to all! Just found this site and was curious about all those 94 grads and what they were up to. I am living in Colorado Springs CO where I am a 5th grade teacher, and loving it. I graduated from WSU in 98. I am working on my masters in Elementary Science Education and will be done next Jan. Living so far away from the Tri-Cities has caused me to loose touch with most of the people I graduated with. Would love to hear from you if you want to drop me an email. Brian
From: Jeff Stowe ( Date: Wed Feb 20 11:06:12 2002 I love the Bombers!!!!! Guys I just wanted to say that I love being a BOMBER!!! All the best times of my life were spent in those 4 short but sweet years. I would do anything to go back, cherish it you current Bombers, because it doesn't get any better than high school. Go Bombers!! Jeff
From: Nancy LaRiviere ( Date: Tue Feb 19 16:11:27 2002 '73' Bomber This is a wonderful way to stay in touch with each other. Thank you to all of you involved in creating and maintaining all of the Bomber/Alumni websites. You've done an excellent job! I especially enjoyed the classroom picture (6A - Christ the King) My family had transferred back to Oyster Bay, Long Island for that year, so I wasn't in it. Currently, I'm Bilingual Dept. Head for West Seattle High School. I get to come back and visit often here, now that my brother Paul, and his family has moved back. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone - Nancy
From: bernard sutherland ( Date: Sat Feb 16 10:49:08 2002 High school yearbooks Portland, Maine "Totem"1947 I am looking for yearbooks from Portland High school Portland, Maine called "Totem"1947 & 1948. I would greatly appreciate an early reply. Our 55 yr, reunion is this year. Thank you Bernie
From: RON SNOW (MKSNOW92@MSN.COM) Date: Wed Feb 6 23:05:42 2002 HELLO CLASS OF 52 I would like to hear from anyone from the old days! I will see you at the Club 40 & '52 reunion.
From: Darcy Forsythe Farres ( Date: Mon Feb 4 14:55:41 2002 Looking for Midge Jackson Allen Hello Everyone! I am trying to find an email to Midge Jackson Allen. Does anyone know how to contact her? Thanks for your help!
From: Elaine Martin ( Date: Thu Jan 31 21:24:14 2002 Class of 82 What's up??
From: Kathy Bevacqua McMurray (WB '66) ( Date: Wed Jan 30 18:40:41 2002 The Alumni Site is Great Thank you for putting all of the time and energy into this site. It is definitely a job well done. Always, Kathy Bevacqua McMurray (WB '66)
From: Kirk Catt ( Date: Sat Jan 26 14:24:10 2002 Hello Bombers class of 79 Hope this note finds someone who around in 1979. Just teaching school in southern california. Hope that I can get in touch with some friends from years ago. Gary, Bob, Theresa, Pam and many others, are you still out there?
From: Kirk Catt ( Date: Sat Jan 26 14:20:09 2002 Hello Bombers class of 79 Hope this note finds someone who around in 1979. Just teaching school in southern california. Hope that I can get in touch with some friends from years ago. Gary, Bob, Theresa, Pam and many others, are you still out there?
From: Jim Roal ( Date: Mon Jan 21 22:55:56 2002 Class of 1982 Just wanted to say hi to all those I attended school with. I now live in Illinois and work for Caterpillar Inc as a Mechanical Engineer. Check out my website at
From: john white (rolloverbeethoven) Date: Mon Jan 21 19:01:37 2002 greetings to any fellow alumn. from the class of '62. just discovered this site and wanted to say "howdy" to all you bombers. I've lived in Seattle since '64, but during frequent trips home where my father still is living, I sometimes meet some of my old school mates. looking forward to retirement & a move back "home" again- Seattle has become something less than desirable over the during the last 38 years. will try to be at the 40th reunion this summer.
From: john white (rolloverbeethoven) Date: Mon Jan 21 19:00:28 2002 greetings to any fellow alumn. from the class of '62. just discovered this site and wanted to say "howdy" to all you bombers. I've lived in Seattle since '64, but during frequent trips home where my father still is living, I sometimes meet some of my old school mates. looking forward to retirement & a move back "home" again- Seattle has become something less than desirable over the during the last 38 years. will try to be at the 40th reunion this summer.
From: Sherry ( Date: Mon Jan 21 03:13:39 2002 1971 Rogue Yearbook Hi, just wanted to drop a line to see if you might still have the 1971 yearbook laying around. If so I would be very interested in buying it from you. I did lost mine along the way somewhere between Ashland, OR and Ione, Wash over the past years. Please let me know, I appreciate your time. thanks again
From: Jill Norman Wistisen ( Date: Fri Jan 11 17:36:13 2002 1982 graduate Hey all you 82 grads, can you even believe it's been 20 years! I just saw some info on our reunion, I can't wait till August. I hope to see you all there!
From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher '68 ( Date: Wed Jan 2 16:05:52 2002 Thanks, Gary Hi, Gary -- You turned me on to the Alumni Sandstorm in February, 2000 after I bought something from you on e-bay (where we "met"). It's about time I thanked you for that introduction!! It actually led to some life-changing events for me, involving an old high school acquaintance coming back into my life. PLUS I love me daily dose of the Sandstorm. Thanks again -- Lynn-Marie
From: Salvatore Lorenzen ( Date: Wed Dec 26 10:00:41 2001 Wow... talk about poor representation...1994...we know computers right? Where are we? So few postings. Well, let's story since RHS... Worked for Copier Specialists, joined the Navy, married my HS girlfriend, got ROTC scholarship, got discharged from service, got divorced after almost 6 years of marriage, almost done with my BS in Technology Education and will finish a Masters in Industrial Technology by next Dec. Have missed a lot from my past since I haven't lived in the Tri-Cities since 1995. Drop me a note! I've kept in touch with Mike Upchurch, Jim Epperly and Scott Stone, have run into Chris Cummings, Mark Stottlemyer, Joey Burks, Mitch Davis, Dan Corbett, Aaron Ardal, Jessica Munnell (and I can't spell names, so sue me) and a few others. Hope to see more of you or hear from a few. Take care Bombers.
From: Craig Bogardus ( Date: Mon Dec 24 03:04:49 2001 Class of 85 & 86 I was supposed to grad w/ class of 85 but due to living over sea's while growing up I had to get credits that where not offered to me over sea's. like shop, phys ed...LOL,it was an easy finishing year! I wasn't there in (west)Richland for not very long. I left shortly after Graduating I went to Florida and started a dive thing and doubled as a carpenter but wanted stable career so I joined the Army. I am in the Army now as career Airborne Ranger type. I was in Desert Storm and have gone to multiple Army schools. to name a few: Airborne, Jump Master, Air Assault, Rapel Master, Sniper School, Marine Scout Swimmer, Ranger School, Long Range Surveillance Leadership Course, Path Finder...ETC. I am hoping when they decide to send us to Afganistan everyone supports us. I think what they did to us (Twin Towers) was Wrong! I have a wife and 2 wonderful children. I also would like to hear from anyone from my grad school like Doug(Sting) I cannot remember anyone els
From: Holly Hoover ( Date: Sat Dec 22 22:48:41 2001 Class of '94 hey out there, this is a neat site. Still living in the tri-cities, e-mail me if you like.
From: Tonya Johnson MacHatton ( Date: Tue Dec 11 13:02:33 2001 Class of '78 Hi everyone! It has been a long time, but am finally trying to get in touch with old classmates. Would love to hear from anyone from the class of '78 and am homesick for Richland!
From: Joseph J Jancovic ( Date: Tue Dec 11 00:53:35 2001 looking for mick brady class 61 e-mail me
From: Barb (Belcher) Valinske ( Date: Fri Nov 16 12:41:54 2001 Class of 72 30-Year Reunion The Bomber Class of 1972 will have a 30-year Class Reunion on July 19 and 20, 2002, at the Red Lion/Hanford House in Richland. For more info, please e-mail me! Thanks, Barb Valinske
From: Rex (sexy Rexy) Hunt ( Date: Tue Oct 30 02:50:18 2001 thrilled at finding this web site Class of 54 (left befor graduation) (graduated in Calif.) First in answer to Gene Hall that drive in on Lee was BY's you remember the Mart Had a great juke box and good french frys. Would love to hear from any memeber of class of 53 or 54 also sorry I did not find this web site in time to go to the reunion... will make the next one. Though I did pass thru Richland in August 2001 ...boy was it different. I was lost No. Richland is bascily gone I lived there for a year (52). if any one knows Virginia Brinkerhoff or Kaye Horrocks tell them I said hi and miss them ..thanks for for any comments, informatrion, or (if you remember me ) retaliaton.
From: Mark Gage ( Date: Fri Oct 26 00:16:14 2001 Need Information O.K. Your going to love this. I'm a hated Bulldog from the class of '67' and I need some Bombers help. I married a Bomber from the class of '66' and although the marriage didn't last she has always been an important part of my past. For whatever reason I was never notified of her passing in 1985 and I'm in need of how, where she rests, family, chidren if any, mother if still living, anything. Her name was "Pamela Jean Hall". Please help me in finding out all I can. It's extremely sad that we lost touch. I just want all to know she was and is remembered. I want to update her memorial at your site. For those of you who wonder who I am, I played at many of your dances at your schools and the old roller rink. Bombers, Lions, and Bulldogs---I miss you all. Sincerely, Mark T. Gage
From: Eugene (Gene) Hall ( Date: Mon Oct 22 19:00:09 2001 Hey '40's Thanks much to Carol Black, Dick McCoy and a couple of the class of '49 for putting messages here. Aren't there more from the '40's around anymore. I know we are getting age inhibited, but I would enjoy reading messages from someone I remember, and I'm the first to admit this is the first words I have written. Lazy I guess. Would like to reminise about old memories but can't even remember a Spudnut shop in Richland or many of the other places the junior members of our club talk about. Do remember a drive-in on Lee Blvd. near downtown. What was it's name? Gene Hall
From: Mike Funderburg (66) ( Date: Sat Oct 20 15:18:48 2001 It's great to see so many Bombers out here. Even being from way back in 66 I still see a lot of names I recall. Of course sometimes I don't put the right name to the face when I see them! It looks like the spirit is still around for sure!!, Mike
From: Gloria Willett Green ( Date: Thu Oct 11 10:25:01 2001 Greetings! I just discovered this website. It is wonderful! I attended Richland High School from September, 1953, until April, 1955, and loved every minute of it! My dad was a piping superintendent at Hanford, and we lived on B Street in North Richland with the mighty Columbia in our back yard. I finished my junior year in Arkansas but spent my senior year on the coast of Venezuela near Puerto Cabello. After graduation I returned to Arkansas for college, married Will Green, had two children, taught school (business education) for 40 years and retired in May of 2000. I am subbing today in my old classroom and as yet do not have an e-mail address at home. My address is 16386 Hwy. 89 S, Lonoke, AR 72086.
From: Gene Ruppert ( Date: Wed Oct 3 02:55:37 2001 Class of '65 Any one out there from '65?
From: Gene Ruppert ( Date: Wed Oct 3 02:54:04 2001 Class of '65 Any one out there from '65?
From: Lisa Diederichs ( Date: Thu Sep 27 00:33:39 2001 1994 Grad!!! Hey friends, it seems like it's been a long time since high school. I think about you all often. What great memories. I'd love to hear what everyone has been up to. I graduated from Carroll College in 1998. Carroll is a small private Catholic school in Helena, MT. I had an amazing college experience, learning how to rock climb, white-water raft, and have the opportunity to camp in Yellowstone and Glacier whenever I wanted! I graduated with a Major in Elem Ed, and Minor in Special Ed. I'm currently living in Kirkland, WA. My first year teaching I taught Kindergarten, but this year I'm teaching Special Ed at an elementary school in Woodinville, WA. I'm having a great time! I've kept in contact over the years with Kristi (Wedberg), but would love to hear from others as well. Please e-mail me if you happen to read this. I'd love to catch up. Take care! Goooooo Bombers (gotta love that nuclear mushroom cloud!)!!!!!!!!!
From: Fran Y. (Oathes) Ayers ( Date: Mon Sep 24 03:22:55 2001 Merrill Lenard Oathes my brother for his son My friend droped me a copy of the sandstorm to night and I sent you an E-mail with my address. If you didn't get it, I hope you check the back here. I tried to locate you when your grandmother past away. nov 5 of 2000. I will answer any question you have of send you photo's when he was younger. I graduated in 1963, My sister Gail is still around if you want I'll send you her address, she is in washington DC now and a lawyer. Send me a E-mail or call 509-585-93259. Your Aunt Fran.
From: Janice (Unruh) Conrad ( Date: Thu Sep 13 20:45:11 2001 Hi Hi to all of you 83'grads out there! This is a great site! Go Bombers!!